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Wine Style: White

Body: Medium

Taste: Floral

Food Matches: Fish, Shellfish, Molluscs, White meat, Fresh cheese, Aperitifs


  • Why we love it

    Bianco Potenti is produced 100% with the Fiano grapes, harvested and specially selected by hand in the second week of August. Once harvested, the grapes are pressed softly and the fermentation takes place in thermo-conditioned stainless steel tanks at a temperature of 14 ° C. The wine ages for at least 4 months in the tanks before being bottled. 

    Bianco Potenti has a delightful pale straw yellow color, with hints of lime green. On the nose, it opens with an intense bouquet of linden, acacia, thyme and exotic fruits. 

    Silky soft on the palate, it has the right touch of acidity with a dry finish. 

    Recommended in combination with fish, crustaceans, molluscs, unseasoned cheeses and white meats. 

  • The story behind

    This high quality white grape is primarily found in southern Italy in Campania. The FIANO grape has Greek origins and was the grape that produced the Apianum wine so loved by the Romans. “Apianum” means “vine loved by the bees for its sweetness." Over the course of linguistic transformations through the years, it became afianum and then fianum. Fiano was known to Frederick II of Swabia and Charles I of Anjou in the thirteenth and sixteenth centuries, initially vinified in the sweet and fizzy version. In today’s modern world, it has evolved into a highly awarded dry and full-bodied wine.

  • Details and care
    Region: Piana di Manduria (Ta);
    Harvesting timing: first week of September
    Harvesting: Manual
    Colour: pale straw yellow color with hints of lime green
    Flavours: soft on the palate, right touch of acidity, dry finish   
    Food Matches: fish, crustaceans, molluscs, unseasoned cheeses
    Drinking Temperature 8-10 ℃
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