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  • Why we love it

    To celebrate love every day, we have created a special good-morning basket. We have selected a handmade basket as love is a patient seeking of the other. The basket includes: two hand-made coffee cups to have a breakfast together; our biscuits "brutti ma buoni", three of our favourite marmelades: tangerine, orange and chilli. The first two are good for the morning, the last one for matching cheese and to have a snack together. Moreover, our hand-made chilli crown is perfect to give a spicy touch at table or you can hang them at kitchen walls as decoration.

  • The story behind

    This basket is a celebration of our Apulian tradition and it also brings out love in every shape. This round-shaped basket is handmade by local artisans. The crown is created by Mary Grace with chilli from our garden. Cups with spots are hand-made too. What's more, marmelades are from the fruits grown in our Masseria and the biscuits "brutti ma buoni" are cooked according to a family recipe.

  • Details and care

    This basket includes 2 coffee cups with saucers, a chilli crown, a packet of 125 gr biscuits and three marmelades (two of 125 gr, one of 250 gr). Store the chilli crown in a fresh and dry place.

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