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  • Why we love it

    Our selection of acquamarine-colored bowls is a reinterpretation of Apulian’s traditional designs that contrasts with vibrant color, perfect for embellishing the most elegant table. Each bowl is the result of skillful craftsmanship, there is no one single bowl that is the same, making it so special. You can use this bowl in the summer for your salads and in the winter for your soups. This precious color will enhance your delicious meals.

  • The story behind

    The iridescent enamel makes precious the table. We love the great versatility of these bowls: they can be used for breakfast, lunch and dinner but also as shared cups to be used at the center of the table.

  • Details and care

    Made in Puglia. Designed and produced in Puglia. Because every single piece is handcrafted, it is unique and it can present differences. This characteristic is a guarantee of the handmade product. Diameter: 11.5x13.5 cm. Height: 20 cm

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