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  • Why we love it

    The clementine jam is sweeter than the orange jam (without the bitter peels), and is not a marmalade. It carries more citrusy taste like a lemon and is great with toasts, croissants, scones. You can enjoy it on its own; it’s refreshingly sweet and aromatic just perfect to wake up your senses in the morning!

  • The story behind

    The clementine trees are found growing just a mere stone’s throw from the breakfast table. Takes only 20 mins on the stove for the clementine fruits to be puréed and then bottled, retaining its bright orange color. The Clementina of the Golfo is a cross between an orange and a tangerine, discovered in the region in the early 20th century. The tree blooms slowly and is sensitive to weather changes. In December, it’s time to celebrate the two weeks festival of "Sagra del Clementino”

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