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  • Why we love it

    Because we love the tradition of hanging them in our Masseria, we have created pottery peels of pricly pear. We love them because you can hang them in your home as decoration and you can always think of Puglia. You can also use them at table for your dishes. In Masseria, we love use them to serve bread. Two of them are enough to create a magic atmosphere at table.

  • The story behind

    In Puglia, the peels of pricly pear were picked with their not mature fruits and they were hanged on the walls of the "Masserie" and make them mature there during the winter. They become mature until Christamas and they were brought to the table as a gift for the whole family on Christmas Eve. For that, the pricly pear is a symbol of happiness and prosperity for people from the South of Italy. We have thought about creating these pottery pieces not to forget our tradition of hanging them or bringing them to the table. You can use them to serve bread.

  • Details and care

    Handmade product. Designed and produced in Puglia. Because every single piece is handcrafted, it is unique and it can present differences. This characteristic is a guarantee of the handmade product. Height: 26 cm. Width: 11 cm

  • Delivery and return

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