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  • Why we love it

    We love large sized mugs for our breakfast and our snack time. That's why we created an extra large sized mug by reinterpreting the traditional stained effect. You can slowly drink our infusion and enjoy the pleasure of a slow moment.

  • The story behind

    In addition to a simple decoration, the stained effect for every Apulian is a reminder of the tradition in which nature was always the protagonist. In the past, the master craftsmen obtained the stained effect by spraying the plates with bunches of twigs from the Mediterranean scrub, dipped in the residual glaze of colors.

    The white and green shade are exactly those of the ancient tradition and today as then they make our table joyful.

  • Details and care

    Made in Puglia. Designed and produced in Puglia. Because every single piece is handcrafted, it is unique and it can present differences. This characteristic is a guarantee of the handmade product. Diameter: 14x11cm, Height: 7 cm

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